Cloud based Cannabis/CBD Compliance


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Carbon 21 is 100% web-based and is designed to easily access your compliance data anywhere and anytime.  We even provide off-line capture for remote locations so that you never have to worry about if you are connected to the internet or not.



We help you manage your compliance and trace-ability needs so that you can focus your time on running your business and not managing software.  Streamlines workflows walk your employees through their tasks rather than having to go to all sorts of screens to find what they need.



Carbon 21 is built on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to provide you and your business with the security and stability that you need to sleep easy at night knowing that your data isn't at risk.


About Carbon 21 


With the passage of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 it became federally legal to grow Hemp in the United States. With this industry booming we began brainstorming on how we could leverage our years of experience developing Enterprise Resource Software (ERP), and Quality Management Solutions for manufacturers and distributors to safely and effectively participate in this rapidly growing industry.  We decided to take our years of experience and began development on Carbon 21.


The Name Carbon 21 is a nod to the Molecular formula of cannabis. THC and CBD are just two compounds from a family of around 113 bi- and tri-cyclic compounds cannabinoid compounds found naturally in cannabis. Both CBD and THC share the exact same molecular formula, C21H30O2, containing twenty-one atoms of carbon, thirty of hydrogen and two of oxygen. Their molecular mass is practically identical with THC and CBD having masses of 314.469 g/mol 314.464 g/mol, respectively.


Carbon 21 is Blaze IT's vision for safe, compliant, user friendly cannabis software. The goal is to help manufacturers, farmers, and distributors in the beginning stages of the supply chain to effectively meet the challenges they face in this new and growing industry.  You shouldn't be spending your day worried about managing software systems and that's where we strive to stand out and make the collection of complex data easy and accessible. 


Our development team comes from a background in developing complex business systems and is using modern technology that ensures we can deliver the best new features to your business in a fast and reliable way.  The Carbon 21 platform leverages AWS (Amazon Web Services)  to ensure that your business is running on the best technology stack possible.





David Dozer

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Expert in applying technology and finding solutions that fit real world business challenges and solve complex process problems. Implemented business solutions in many manufacturing and distribution clients, as well as service and project driven environments. Clients have included both domestic single-site operations, domestic multi-site operations and multi-national/multi-site organizations.
Prior experience includes a Senior role as Product Manager and was part of the team that started a new direction for the flagship North American ERP product and worked on the most successful version of product in 10+ years.


Renee Fodde

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I have a background implementing software both domestically and internationally. I pride myself in working with end users to come up with the most efficient use of the software to meet their needs. I specializes in front office functionality and Quality Management Development.


Joseph Schmelzer

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Leading and coaching software engineers to become better, stronger, and more experienced versions of themselves. Create innovative solutions that bring value to the users of any product I have the privilege to produce.

Specialties: Leader/Coach; Scrum/Agile; Scrum Master; Angular; C#; AWS; Visual Basic 6; Crystal Reports Dev v8.5, 10, XIR2, RDC Com for Crystal Reports; Report Design Development; Advanced MS Office; VBA for MS Office (Excel, Access); Some ASP knowledge; SSRS 2008R2; ASP.Net; vb.Net


Pratap Gajjala

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UI Architect and Development manager. I like leading people and developing novel solutions. I'm fully cognizant of what a strange place front end development is these days, but enjoy it greatly despite its quirks and difficulties. I've worked in React in the past but these days I'm a full time Angular guy with a passion for functional programming and as-stateless-as-possible web user interfaces. 



Tel: 281-607-1333
Houston, TX
Columbus, OH
Tel: 281-607-1333
Houston, TX
Columbus, OH


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